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Tips for navigating the Tulsa State Fair

The Tulsa State Fair is a terrific opportunity to enjoy time with family while walking around the fairgrounds and enjoying food and rides. The fair is famous for its tempting food items, and it can be difficult to resist them when you’re sticking to a specialized diet. Here are some tips for navigating the fair, and some food options you can enjoy! 

  1. Focus on the games and attractions, and less on food. There are many rides, games, animal attractions and shopping opportunities to experience at the fair; find as many as you can to enjoy! 
  2. Don’t go to the fair with an empty stomach. This will help you avoid buying food from the fair vendors. 
  3. Try a bite of a family member or friend’s food. If something appeals to you, ask for a bite of someone else’s food instead of buying it for yourself. 
  4. Avoid fried or battered foods. These are empty calories that will take up unnecessary room in your stomach. 
  5. Pack water or a sugar-free electrolyte drink to stay hydrated. The state fair involves a ton of walking, so stay hydrated to avoid fatigue. 

If you do order food, here are some good options: 

  • Turkey leg without the skin 
  • Grilled meat kabobs  
  • Indian tacos without the bread 
  • Sugar-free snow cones