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Did you know that music ministers face many physical demands during a worship service?

If you have ever exercised the major muscles in your core, you know how strong muscles can help you stand up straight, stay focused and support your singing voice with energy and volume.

Worship leader Terrill White, who at his heaviest weighed 390 pounds, had a difficult time walking up a few stairs, announcing the next hymn in a strong voice, and raising his arm to lead the singing at his church.

“I had severe congestive heart failure then, so my heart function was severely... Read More »

After struggling with her weight since childhood, Kayley Lewis, BSN, RN, turned to Bailey Bariatrics for help taking her life back.  

“My first memory of being ‘fat’ was when I was 5 or 6. I was at a dance competition and my costume ripped when I tried to put it on,” said Lewis. “I ended up seeing a pediatric endocrinologist to try to figure out why I couldn’t lose weight.” 

In her childhood, she was diagnosed with metabolic syndrome and spent her life trying to manage the symptoms. Her weight was a constant struggle through puberty, and she tried a variety of exercises and... Read More »

The Tulsa State Fair is a terrific opportunity to enjoy time with family while walking around the fairgrounds and enjoying food and rides. The fair is famous for its tempting food items, and it can be difficult to resist them when you’re sticking to a specialized diet. Here are some tips for navigating the fair, and some food options you can enjoy! 

Focus on the games and attractions, and less on food. There are many rides, games, animal attractions and shopping... Read More »
Family exercises together after bariatric surgeries

Let’s be clear – there is nothing easy about having bariatric surgery, but the rewards can be great.

“There's a common misconception that bariatric surgery is the easy way of losing weight,” said Brandon Cranor, 47, who lives in Bartlesville with his wife Mindy and their two sons.

“The changes in what you eat, how active you are and what you learn about living a healthy lifestyle can be mentally and physically difficult. However, the new lifestyle that arises from these challenges makes the hard work well worth it,” he said.

Cranor was used to living with... Read More »

Single parent gains confidence after bariatric surgery

Before her surgery, Courtney Edwards, 37, didn’t have much time, energy or confidence to work out at a gym. That all changed following her sleeve gastrectomy surgery at The Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center.

“My daughter Cheylee, who is now 4 years old, was still pretty young when I had my surgery,” said Edwards. “It was during the COVID-19 pandemic when a lot of people, including me, were working from home. The only time I exercised was when we went outside and I’d push her in the stroller. At that time, I weighed 246 pounds, so walking was the limit of what I could... Read More »

After receiving a difficult medical diagnosis and then losing his wife, Don Taylor began a journey that he would be on for the rest of his life. The responsibility he felt for his two daughters led him to undergo bariatric surgery and start on a pathway to a life without limits. 

Making a change 

At 46 years old in 2014, Taylor was diagnosed with severe atrial fibrillation (A-fib), a type of abnormal heartbeat. The Claremore resident... Read More »

Dorothy Checotah is blooming after bariatric surgery

For someone who loves to garden and travel, walking a short distance used to be difficult for Dorothy Checotah.

Whenever the 69-year-old retired social worker/counselor left her Tulsa home, she had already thought out where to park, whether there would be stairs to climb and how many steps it would take to reach her destination. She developed these habits years ago when she had a series of surgeries.

“I had back surgery that involved fusing my spine,” she recounted, “and later had both knees replaced. It was hard for me to get around without the use of a cane. On top of... Read More »

After years of researching options and planning for bariatric surgery, Melissa Purdy, 49, is finally experiencing life without limits. In 2020, she attended a seminar at Bailey Bariatrics, where she learned her employer's provided health insurance didn't cover the cost.

"At that point, it kind of got put on hold and I was exploring how I was going to pay for it," said Purdy. "One of the reasons I switched jobs was so that I could get different insurance."

Feeling like she'd missed out on part of her children's lives and facing the possibility of a second knee replacement,... Read More »

Stacie Burns could never find the motivation to take control of her health and her weight. But after a series of events enticed her to sign up for a class at Bailey Bariatrics, she followed through and eventually had bariatric surgery. 

Along the way, she was so impressed by the care she received that she applied for a job and was hired by the same health care providers who helped her lose weight. 

... Read More »

After spending time in Bailey Medical Center’s metabolic management program (MMP), Jerred Richison decided he could use more of what Bailey Bariatrics has to offer. The 31-year-old Bristow native found some success with the program, but quickly realized he needed to make a more dramatic change for his health. 

The goal of Bailey’s metabolic management program is to create a healthy life for overweight and obese patients with a body mass... Read More »