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The Top 10 Nutrition Habits are like the frame for your home. Without a strong frame, your home would not be balanced or stand strong. They help bariatric patients lead a successful lifestyle that is safe and nutritionally strong.

Homes are not built in a day. Neither are healthy habits. As you begin your bariatric journey, you do not have to tackle the top 10 list all at once. Try picking a habit that may be easier for you to implement, like increasing your water intake. Hydration is important for a bariatric patient.... Read More »

Patricia “Patty” Humphreys met every requirement, followed each step in the process to prepare for Roux-en-y bypass surgery – including a full year of monitoring as required by her insurance. She successfully endured the two-week liquid diet, but her highly anticipated surgery date came and went to no avail. The day she would have been admitted for surgery with Christopher Cole, D.O., was the day Governor Kevin Stitt suspended elective surgeries, meaning Patty had to wait.

“I was devastated,” she said. “We waited so long to get to that point. I kept thinking, ‘It is never going to... Read More »

Pamela Walters never grew up overweight or thought twice about the number on the scale. It wasn’t until after she gave birth to her son in 1990 and gained a lot of weight, that she began to have tremendous health issues.

During the years following the birth of her son, she bounced back and forth with her weight.

“When I was going through hard times in life, I became an emotional eater because I got that instant gratification from eating something,” Walters said. “I felt worse and worse over the years and next thing I knew, I was in my early 30s having to take blood pressure... Read More »

A bad fall in October of 2017 encouraged Pryor resident, Christy Peters to consider bariatric surgery at Bailey Bariatrics. The high school math teacher and mother of three fell on some uneven concrete in a parking lot after leaving a University of Oklahoma football game with her family.

“When I fell, I twisted my right ankle inward and broke it,” Peters said. “I tore my ligament in my left knee, so neither one of my legs worked.”

After being in a wheelchair for two months, she transitioned to using crutches, a brace and then a walker.

“The whole time, I kept thinking to... Read More »

For 52-year-old Pamela Sanders, weight management was never something that came easily for her.

“It seemed like no matter what program I tried, I would always gain the weight back in less than a year,” Sanders said. “My weight fluctuating so much really started to take a toll on my body.”

A few years ago, Sanders’ brother passed away due to weight complications.

“After I lost my brother, I knew I needed to make some major changes in my life,” Sanders said. 

After seeing an online ad promoting weight loss surgery seminars at Bailey Medical Center, Sanders made the... Read More »

Happy March! This the month when we celebrate all things green. St. Patrick’s Day, the green leaves of daffodils pushing up through the ground and spots of green in your lawn are a few of the greens that brighten up our days. 

This brings to mind that instead of wearing green, we should be eating more greens. Do you regularly enjoy green beans, broccoli, green bell papers, salad greens, cabbage, celery and zucchini? While we are at it, veggies that are red, orange, yellow and purple are also great to include. Many nutrition recommendations include “eat the color of the rainbow” when... Read More »

Amy Graves, who lives outside of Oklahoma City, is a horseback rider and a member of a professional drill team. She and her family also own a farm, which requires lots of physical labor. Horseback riding and taking care of the family farm are major aspects of Graves’ life, but due to weight gain and other health problems, she began experiencing complications when doing both. 

“Over the past several years, I put on a lot of weight and just couldn’t seem to get it off,” said Graves. “I felt like I had tried all the diets on the market. I would start with a plan and sometimes it would... Read More »

Kevin Richardson was overweight, diabetic, hypertensive and in congestive heart failure. With all of these issues piling up, he was feeling defeated.

“I had pretty much given up on myself,” said Richardson. “My kids were grown, I was single and I didn’t have any other responsibilities. I felt like this was how I was going to go and I had come to terms with the situation.”

After a conversation with his son during one of his hospitals stays, Richardson decided to make a change in his life.

“When I was hospitalized because of my congestive heart failure, my son came to visit... Read More »

February is the month we celebrate love and a healthy heart. Does this bring up visions of boxes of chocolates and bouquets of flowers?

For bariatric patients, finding healthier ways to celebrate other than a big box of chocolates may be new to you. Here are some ideas.

If your loved one like berries, find a small container of fresh berries and give with a note that says, “I love you berry much.” Berries are high in heart healthy antioxidants and fiber.A small can of your loved one’s favorite nuts with a note that says “I’m nuts for you” is another idea. Nuts are high in heart... Read More »

What is the most important thing to have at the table? The holidays are approaching and many of us are already planning holiday dinners. Nutrition certainly plays a big part in being healthy. However, research is showing that regularly sharing meals with others is as important as what is on your plate.

Sharing meals has benefits for all ages. Kids can think in more complex terms, have better self-esteem and are at lower risk for drug and alcohol problems. Young, middle-aged and older folks have less depression and chronic disease when sharing meals in a community setting. You may... Read More »