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Supplements are needed throughout your life after bariatric surgery. A complete multi-supplement, iron, calcium and B12 are the basic supplements recommended to maintain healthy nutrition status. Beyond these basics, many patients may take other supplements after bariatric surgery.

Keep in mind: supplements are not regulated by the FDA, the federal agency that oversees safety in prescription medications. Many bariatric patients take other supplements for various reasons. Many may think extra supplementation will help with whatever the label says and it will be safe. It usually takes... Read More »

Angela Teague struggled with her weight for many years due to an autoimmune disorder. After deciding to have weight loss surgery at Bailey Bariatrics in 2016, her life drastically changed for the better. Now, she plans to become a personal trainer to help others with weight issues.

At her highest weight, Teague weighed 300 pounds. Living in what she called tremendous pain, she had psoriatic arthritis, was taking 13 medications and was put on chemotherapy.

“Throughout all of this, I continued to gain weight, not only because of the disease itself, but because of the depression... Read More »

As the temperatures reach 100 degrees, we start reaching for foods that will help cool us down.

Gazpacho is a cold soup that is a mixture of vegetables and seasonings. The origin of this soup is thought to be with ancient Romans that mashed together stale bread, olive oil and garlic, with a liquid-like water or vinegar. As this dish moved to the western parts of the Mediterranean, each culture, from the Moors to the Spaniards, adapted it to their own vegetables and seasonings. This soup is now mostly associated with tomatoes, which the Spaniards started using once this vegetable was... Read More »

Sweaty! Once again, our spring zipped by and landed us feet first into the sizzle of summer. Hydration becomes more important because when it’s hot outside, we sweat. Sweat is fluid you are losing and need to replace. Keep water with you all the time to sip throughout the day to stay hydrated. Carry it even when gardening, mowing the grass or just taking a walk in your neighborhood. If plain water leaves you uninspired, try making an infused or flavored water. Infused water is steeping fruits, vegetables and herbs into water to make a pleasant drink to enjoy when the temperature soars.... Read More »

What does Earth Day have to do with bariatric patients? First, a little background is needed. A group of people in the 1960s were becoming concerned about the adverse effects of pollution on our environment. In 1969, the Cuyahoga River by Cleveland, OH caught fire because of chemicals that were dumped into the river. Environmental pollution was now on the national political landscape. Senator Gaylord Nelson, (D-Wisconsin), is credited with promoting the idea of Earth Day. He envisioned a growing a grassroots effort to clean up our planet. This led to celebrating the first U.S. Earth Day in... Read More »

For much of her life, Kristina Rhodes had battled with her weight. After feeling defeated for quite some time, she started to consider weight loss surgery.

“Before bariatric surgery, I tried everything under the sun to lose weight,” said Rhodes. “From diet pills to numerous exercise programs, I felt like I had tried it all and everything kept failing. After a while, I talked to my husband about pursuing weight loss surgery. After doing some research, we found The Center for Bariatrics at Bailey Medical Center, so I signed up to go to one of the seminars in Muskogee.” 

Rhodes... Read More »

Protein, protein, protein!  That’s the first nutrient we emphasize as you go through our program. Do you know if your protein is measuring up? Protein is important in preserving muscle mass, a healthy immune system and hundreds of other important functions in our bodies. There are several ways to calculate your protein.

Foods that have a Nutrition Facts label are helpful. This label lists the amount of nutrients in one serving of the food. If the package has two servings and you eat the entire package, then you need to double the amount of protein listed. If there isn’t a Nutrition... Read More »

Flowers and boxes of chocolates seem to be in every aisle and at the checkouts in the stores you may be visiting. Why is it that so many of us like chocolate? The pleasant experience of consuming chocolate can lead to the release of dopamine. This is one of the “feel good” neurotransmitter. Dopamine helps us remember positive experiences. So, when we get near chocolate, we get a little surge of anticipation. We also like the taste, mouthfeel and smell of chocolate. Even experiments with cocoa powder are associated with pleasure just as there is with chocolate candy.

How can a... Read More »

According to the Calorie Control Council, it is estimated that we Americans typically eat and drink our way to 2,400 calories during the final game of professional football. That would take a person that weighs 175 pounds running a marathon and running it in 15-miles to burn that many calories.

There may be other big games like the finals of college basketball or professional baseball that you like to celebrate with friends and family. Since running a marathon probably isn’t on your list, what’s your plan? Knowing what you can eat based on where you are in your bariatric journey will... Read More »

As frigid temperatures grip our nation, some of our patients are having a tough time wanting to drink water. Cold water on a frigid day isn’t that appealing. Have you thought about brewing yourself a hot cup of decaf or herbal tea? This counts toward your fluid for the day. Just the time it takes to brew tea can provide a time-out from the busy and stressful time of your day. 

The art of a cup of tea is making it. Take the time to fill up the tea kettle (or a pan) with water. Put it on the stove. Heat to boiling. You know the saying: “A watched pot never boils.” If you don’t have a... Read More »