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Four Days After

Full liquids (two weeks)

NOTE: Fluids must pour easily out of a cup.

Sugar-free and non-fat milk products

Two to three ounces:

Thinned, plain or low sugar yogurt Low sugar Greek-style yogurt
Skim or 1% milk Low-fat buttermilk
Strained, low fat cream soup High protein bariatric soup mixes

Ensure there are no lumps or chunks.

RESTART high protein, low carbohydrate protein shake

  • Sip slowly over a one-hour period
  • Thin out with water or milk if needed
  • Woman: three shakes per day
  • Men: four shakes per day
  • Eight to 11 ounces, depending on goal

Refer to pages 15 & 16 for approved options.


Allowed between meals

Water Decaffinated coffee or tea
Bouillon or broth Sugar-free water enhancers
Non-carbonated, sugar-free drinks Sugar-free gelatin
Sugar-free popsicles under 20 calories* Sugar-free sports drinks**

* Limit two to three popsicles per day.

** Powerade ZERO, Gatorade Zero or Propel


  • Hydration is priority! Aim for 64 ounces daily. The first 36 ounces should be water, or other sugar-free, caffeine-free fluids.
  • After you meet the first 36 ounces, you can count other fluids such as protein shake or soups.
  • You can count about 75% of an 11 ounce shake; about 8 ounces.
  • Stop sipping when you get full.
  • Increase your protein intake by adding unflavored protein powder, plain Greek yogurt or nonfat dry milk to any food or beverage.

Frozen yogurt, ice cream and ice milk are not recommended as they are not low in protein and high in calories.